Marketing Communication

To stay current with content marketing, a savvy internal content creation workflow is vital. Every week there may be articles, press releases, blog posts, stellar client testimonials, events, resources for sales, downloadable marketing content, and more, all in need of expert input and peer feedback. What’s more, is no two days are alike and planning on-the-fly can send your team into a flurry and limit creativity.  Optimize your marketing workflow and avoid burnout with templates for effortlessly gathering information from around the company.

Marketing Comms Event Teaser

Play examples of specific business narratives below.

Press Release



Make it easy for team members to quickly share timely, business-related news and insights needed by the communications teams to help shape press releases.

Customer Testimonial



Capture customer testimonials from happy clients willing to share with a storyboard that removes the common barrier of not knowing what to say.

Event Teaser



Promote attendance of future events, drive traffic to trade show booths, and increase on-site meetings with internal and external event videos.

Event Participant Interviews



Interview anyone joining an event who’d like to participate to gather feedback on events and create exciting promotions for future events.

Event Recap



When team members recap events, you’ll have content for upcoming newsletters and marketing material for future events to inspire new attendees.

Employee Feedback



Learn how you can better leverage marketing or other initiatives by collecting insight from teams on where they need the most marketing support.