Smart businesses are keeping up with the times by humanizing leadership and leaving behind the antiquated vision of the c-suite as bean-counting idols. Organizations have learned that an empowered workforce comes from finding meaning in the work they do and the connections they make. That’s pretty hard to do if leadership is in an ivory tower or only connecting through annual reports. Your employees are already clicking on videos every day, so start communicating how they’ll engage and remind them you’re human, too.

Leadership Team Meeting Recap

Play examples of specific business narratives below.

Fireside Chats

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Choose an informal setting and highlight key points to describe business activities and planning in plain, casual language.


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Answer your organization’s most common questions about everything from where the company is headed or have fun with and Ask the C-Suite Anything format.

Holiday Wishes

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Send holiday messages that won’t land in the recycling bin with heartfelt and entertaining videos to get everyone in the spirit of celebration. 

Performance Updates

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Provide updates to specific teams or your whole organization on business performance and potential changes and improvements that may affect employees.

Team Meeting Recap

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Every employee can share a brief update with leadership following internal or external meetings to keep up on information exchange with leadership.