Human Resources


Easy-to-follow templates inspire employees at every stage to engage across departments. When HR and employees start communicating with video, you’ll uncover the implicit knowledge hiding in plain sight as employees shift to a culture of knowledge sharing. A workforce that’s knowledgable and connected inside the company is sure to be noticed outside, too.

Human Resources New Emp Intro

Play examples of specific business narratives below.

New Employee Intro

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Set your employees up for success! Your new hires can work with a template and storyboard to quickly and easily produce a video that introduces themselves to the organization.

Employee Profile

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Every employee can share an overview of their role, responsibilities, goals, and personal anecdotes with any part or all of the organization.

Department Intro

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Break down silos as department heads or members share an overview of how their department supports the rest of the company and how they can be reached.

Internal Mobility

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Encourage peer-to-peer inspiration as employees demonstrate the journey of being promoted within the company into their best-fit role.

Performance Evaluation

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Simplify employee reviews with a self-evaluation template to measure progress and motivate employees to reach new goals.

Suggestion Box

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Open the floor to your organization with feedback temlates you can easily sort and review.

Ongoing Learning: Employee Tips and Tricks (HR):

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Every employee can share the valuable tips and tricks they have learned to better-perform at their role with the rest of the team.