Customer Success

Customer service and retention go hand-in-hand starting with exceptional onboarding that shortens the learning curve and facilitates the successful use of your product. Avoid the hassle of scheduling call after call with how-to storyboards and videos to quickly answer customer questions. With a few quick edits, you can also share with team members and multiple departments to efficiently build a training archive. Streamline your onboarding and make room for more customers!

Customer Success Best Practices

Play examples of specific business narratives below.

Customer Testimonials



Testimonials from happy clients willing to share can help your team learn what’s working and where to focus on improvement.

How to: Client Onboarding



Develop a roadmap for customers by creating out a step-by-step process for your products and services and make it simple for them to get started.




Share highlights of onboarding success and high adoption rates with the whole team or all teams to inspire progress across the board.

Best Practice



Build a knowledge library for customer success teams with quick guides for best practices with real-life examples and suggestions for putting them to use.