Who we are ?

EasyMovie is the first platform providing video content exclusively for companies. Founded in 2013, EasyMovie now has 40 total employees in its Paris, New York and Tunis offices.

We started with a simple realization: video production has completely changed. Even though certain videos produce millions of views with limited means, 95% of corporate video content produces no results - creating a waste of money.

In this context, EasyMovie helps companies improve the quality and quantity of their digital content. We allow them to autonomously and quickly create:

  • Several videos with our mobile application
  • Short videos with original content
  • Videos on specific topics tailored for each goal

Today, EasyMovie has become the world leader for corporate videos. More than a 120 clients have used our service already (Edelman, L’Oreal, Societe Generale, etc.).

Job Opportunities

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