How does it work?

When a project is finished, just order subtitles directly through the EasyMovie platform. If it is a simple transcription to integrate into your video, it will be delivered in 24 hours. If it is a transcription + a translation, it will be delivered within 72 hours. This option is available for both studio-edited and automatic videos.


Why use the subtitle function ?

Although subtitles have become indispensable, creating them is still a process. And even if there are automatic solutions (we are working on them too!), human action is still required. However, EasyMovie has created a function that optimizes this task, delivering high-quality results in a very short time.

How much does it cost?

The cost is necessarily dependent on the duration of the videos and the required tasks (transcription, translation, integration). Here's how the EasyMovie rates work:

Integration : $70 /video (up to 2 min)

Transcription + integration : $140 /video (up to 2 min)

Transcription + integration + translation : $210 /video (up to 2 min)

Discover our other value-added options

Automatic publication

On our platform or your networks

When producing a lot of video content, publication automation is crucial, otherwise you waste too much time downloading & uploading videos.

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Premium music

Music made for digital use

Access a catalog of 30 titles and their variations (3, 6, 30, 60 seconds). Enjoy high quality music specifically designed for digital use and for all your business needs.

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Live chat

Instant access to the post-production team

Contact our post-production department via chat and get your answers instantly! Our project managers answer all your technical questions related to your current projects.

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Image rights waiver

Worry-free diffusion

Before interviewing your participants, have them sign an image rights waiver! It only takes a few seconds via the EasyMovie app and you can find each document in your secure area.

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Expedited production

​​Your videos ready in 6 or 24 hours

By default, our post production teams deliver the first version of your videos in 48 hours. With this option, have it in 6 or 24 hours! This makes it possible to prioritize some of your urgent projects.

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Interactive overlay

Make your videos interactive

It’s possible to make your videos interactive! Give your users the ability to access video content, images or documents

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