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Sales Video Examples

In need for some inspiration? Check these sales video examples on how to accelerate your sales efficiency with video.

EasyMovie in Salesforce

Videos for Sales Prospecting

Send introduction videos to your prospects in order to humanize your outreach and stand out from the hundreds of emails in their inbox.


Client Meeting Recaps Videos

Make your post-meeting follow-up more engaging with a video that recaps key points and establishes the next steps.


Sales Handoffs Videos

Ease the handoff between an SDR and an AE, or between sales and customer success, so your customer knows what to expect at the next phase of their journey with you. 

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Videos for Sharing Best Practices

Have your reps contribute to a library of content directly in your Salesforce instance, so whenever they have a question, knowledge is always close at hand.


Sales Forecast

Spotlight individual salespeople and have them share their forecast, important highlights or best tips and tricks. Make a painful MUST for everyone on the team and share your forecast in the simplest way there is! 


Deal-Win Videos

Recognize your team’s hard work with deal-win celebration videos. Sharing your wins can help motivate your team and make them feel more connected—especially if they’re dispersed. 

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