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Why Your Company Needs Employee-Generated Content

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Yes, every company needs employee-generated content (EGC). First, let’s establish two things:

  1. Everyone has a story to tell
  2. Everyone benefits from EGC

Regardless of the size and scope of the organization, all businesses will genuinely benefit from EGC. Sometimes, especially in enterprise organizations, you can get into a mode where, as the saying goes, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. When that’s the case, you’re putting yourself into a situation where information is being siloed, the conversations are being had in different places, and you’re wasting time and resources.

A situation like this stymies growth and creates redundancies in efforts. Think about an example where one employee completed a task only to find out that another employee had been working on the exact same task. In one instance it’s not the end of the world, but if you consider the time, effort, and resources that compile when this happens all the time, across multiple teams, throughout an entire organization… well, you get the picture.

However, employee-generated content helps you have everyone in harmoniously in unison. When knowledge and information are shared across individuals and teams, smarter business decisions get made. You’ll also uncover exciting opportunities to challenge the status quo when someone says, “Why are we doing it this way? Doing it that way will take half the time and deliver better results.” You’d never find those without that communication in place!

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What Employee Generated Content is… And What it isn't

Different people within the organization tend to look at EGC differently, which often leads to classic traps that people fall for.  For example, the Marketing Department might look at employee-generated content as content that your employees are creating to help promote and sell your product. 

Don’t make that mistake.

The most effective employee-generated content is used for communicating within the organization. It's not always about branding and marketing, although it can sometimes be helpful there. It should be about generating content for more effective communication and sharing content within the organization.

It’s also not only for high-level employees and the management team. Everyone on the team has valuable knowledge to share, whether they’re the CEO or someone’s first day in an entry-level position. Even those people who are new to the company are bringing prior life or career experience to the team with skills and knowledge that they learned other places.

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