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Power of Video-Boosted Emails: Use Videos to Book 4x More Meetings

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Emails have always had this infamy of being defunct! But email can be brought back to function by integrating videos into the mail. Video is one of the most powerful mediums used today.

What are Video-Boosted Emails?

Video email marketing is no rocket science—you create an email campaign that integrates to communicate better with your customers. Embedding videos into your emails can do wonders for your business. And that is what you call video-boosted email marketing. 

Video becomes an accessory to email that adds value to it. You can integrate video into almost any kind of email you want.

Using video in a sales email is one of the best ways to improve your marketing conversions. Videos are the most intriguing, most engaging, and effective mediums to convey a message. It’s a great media format that makes your emails irresistible. 

How Does Video Email Matter in Sale?

Sales video email is one of the best sales tools in the sales process. It concerns embedding your video in an email. When your email is delivered to the inbox of your audience along with a video thumbnail, the first five seconds will automatically play in the email. This is a great way to lure your prospect into opening the video and watching it. 

A video integrated email can boost your email click rate up to 300%. Videos prove to be a sure-shot way to enhance your sales strategy so that it attracts the prospect's attention. It surpasses text-based messages far behind when it comes to audience engagement. 

Reasons to use Video in Sales Emails to Book More Meetings? 

  • Sales Videos Command Attention Because They’re Unexpected

In the world of typical black and white text-based emails driven by monotony, a touch of video content will infuse an essence of freshness into your prospecting. Just including the word “video” in the subject line boosts the open rates by four to five times approximately. 

Embedding a video in an email can increase the open rate by 13%. Video prospecting tools help sales reps connect with more and more prospects in less time. 

  • Video Email Marketing is More 

Convincing than Traditional Cold Calling

Businesses believe that video email marketing outperforms other formats in every possible way. A wise Sales leader must use a video approach, leaving the old-school sales tactics behind. Cold calling serves through audio and emails offer a mere text. However, a video email offers not only audio but also visuals and text. Videos are more intriguing and engage more senses than other mediums. It is a much better way to reach various kinds of prospects and inform them about your products or services.

  • Video Makes it Easier to Impart Information

It is far more convenient for the prospects to watch a video to read loads of written information. Thus, most of the companies embed a product explainer video on their website to make it easy for the customers to explain it. A sales video email enables you to hurl your sales campaign in a format that’s not only more effective but also fun to watch. 

  • Increases trust in your business brand

Email marketing serves two purposes: contact new customers and nurture leads. Building trust amongst the prospects becomes a challenge when the market is filled with competitors. A great video content integrated into an email proves effective in increasing trust in your brand. 

By embedding informational video into your mail, you’ll be able to add value to your prospects' experience by giving them product reviews, product demo, and general information. The more your prospects engage with you, the more trust it generates. 

  • Targets various areas of your sales funnel

An email has a good response rate from the target prospects. Video can definitely give it a push. Embedding customer insight stats in an email along with video content helps you target specific segments of the prospects that falls in different part in your sales funnel.

For the top funnel customers, content to be sent should be such that it gets their attention and engages them to carry on a conversation with your brand. Furthermore, it helps push them through the funnel, from one layer to the next. 

For customers who are in the deeper layers into the funnel, lengthy, educational or explainer videos can be sent as per their needs. Since these customers already know about you and your product line, these videos can target building engagement and goodwill. 

  • Helps you analyze and optimize your email marketing

In most cases, businesses notice an instant boost in their response rate when you integrate video into your email marketing. Moreover, using video in emails enables you to analyze and optimize every aspect of your marketing campaign. 

Apart from viewing rates, you’ll be able to check the open rates, watch-time, and CTA response. All of this data will help you create insight-optimized emails that work better, giving you the response rates that help drive engagement. This ultimately leads to closing more sales. 

  • Allows you to invite immediate customer action

Integrating video content in an email empowers businesses to drive immediate customer action But, sometimes embedding a video into your email isn’t that convenient. Email providers may put some restraints into the mail and sometimes video playback might not be that great on mobile.

This becomes a great opportunity for businesses to drive and incite immediate action in your prospects, taking beyond their inbox, to push them along your sales funnel. Creating a proper CTA combined with an embedded video thumbnail takes your customer to your landing page.


To sum it up, video email is a great way to boost email click rates for your business. Apart from building your brand name, it helps you convey your values in the most engaging way. A video-boosted email has the power to be customized and incite immediate action. Create business videos using the best video prospecting tool today! 

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