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Making Sales Outreach More Effective Using Video in Sales Email

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With organizations resorting to video prospecting to support their sales strategy, its benefits are unmatched.

What is prospecting in Sales Outreach?

Sales is one of the most challenging tasks. The continuous struggle of finding new prospects and getting a response from them is no less an arduous job. Unrequited emails and calls block the sales cycle and demotivate the reps.

Video surpasses other forms of online mediums by 24%. Sales emails videos help you stand out in the crowd of text-based emails. The benefits of video prospecting are unmatched with the regular mediums of fishing the prospects. 

What is video prospecting?

Prospecting is the very first stage in the sales process. It concerns identifying the potential customers for your product or service. The next step comes, connecting with these prospects. It may be in the form of email, phone calls, text messages, social media, and in-person meetings with prospects. It begins with gathering a list of potential prospects and ends with them actually buying your products or service. As per recent statistics, professional sales reps prefer video over other mediums, calling them a favorite. (Smart Insights)

Why sales outreach with the video? 

By using video for sales email you not only shine among your competitors, but you also meet your set goals efficiently. It makes your sales prospecting more engaging and worthwhile. Video prospecting strengthens your relationship with your prospects and creates a good brand image for your company. 

Your first impression matters immensely. It has the power to attract or deflect the prospects away from you. Video prospecting creates a soothing image of your brand in the eyes of your prospects. In addition, sales video emails empower you to gain trust and goodwill with a prospect. 

The statistics behind using videos in sales emails

Integrating sales video emails has proven benefits. Do not believe us! Create a business video using a sales enablement tool and realize the perks yourself. 

Take a look at some stats showing benefits of using video in sales emails using video prospecting tools-

  • Boosts open rates Emails with embedded video experience a 16% boost in open rates. 

  • Get more reverts Prospecting with a video leads to an increase in response rates by 26%.

  • Crack more deals There are more 127% more chances of closing an opportunity when a video is used at any stage in the sales funnel.

  • See growth with personalization - More than 69% of buyers prefer paying more for a personalized experience. No better way of personalization than video prospecting. 

Best practices for sales prospecting videos

So, how to begin with video prospecting? Sales emails work wonders when a video is embedded in them. It amplifies its effect. Creative videos are way more eye catching and often the response Prospects can’t resist replying when reps do something truly outside the box.

 Let's cover some best practices to follow for video prospecting.

  • Keep sales prospecting videos short 

Keep the prospecting videos short, simple, and to the point. Introduce yourself briefly and explain the purpose of your outreach. The video length is preferred between 30 seconds to 1 minute. This makes it more likely that your prospect will stay tuned and watch your entire video. Lengthy videos aren't engaging as such. Also, they become monotonous, thus the audiences losing interest. 

  • Add value to each message

Videos add value to sales prospecting. Integrating sales video into your sales outreach helps keep the prospects engaged and drives them to action. This leads to quick engagement and better outreach, which eventually turns to sales. 

  • Personalize your message when video prospecting

While creating a sales prospecting video, try adding a personal touch to it. This will help you stand out in the list of emails in the audiences' inbox and grab their attention. It affects the open rates, click rates, and response rates to a larger extent. We recommend including your prospect's name in the video for deeper personalization. This brings personalization to the table and persuades prospects to explore your brand through the video. 

  • Do not miss a call-to-action in a sales video

Closing the video prospecting with a Call-To-Action makes it worthwhile. For great results, guide your prospects through the Call-to-button stating something like this, “To connect with us, click the button below”. CTA ultimately concerns influencing the prospects to provide their information or convert to a qualified lead by engaging with your content, boosting their lead score.

  • Add some text before the video

In video prospecting, you must add some text to the body of the email, just before the video. Introduce yourself in brief. Make your prospect believe that the video you recorded is for them exclusively. This hits their emotional string and encourages them to watch the video. Give information in the text that is relevant, and triggers the prospects to watch the video, and incite them to move to the next level of the sales funnel. 

  • Prioritize your subject line when using video in sales emails

Your subject to a great extent plays a significant role in deciding whether a prospect will open your email or not. When sending a sales video email, do not miss out on adding the word “video” in the subject line. This will boost open rates by as much as 19%. Also, including the prospect’s name in the subject adds an extra pinch of personalization to the mail.

Start with free video prospecting software

Although videos are simple, it empowers your marketing campaign. If you are striving hard to hit the mark of your sales goal, video prospecting is your savior. In consequence, you’ll be able to keep the sales process moving forward. Start with the free video prospecting software today!  

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