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Top Features to Look for in a Knowledge Sharing Platform

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There are a lot of knowledge-sharing platforms out there, and some solutions that call themselves knowledge-sharing platforms that are totally inadequate and won’t help you achieve your goals.

We’re here to help you cut through the clutter and help you identify the features that the best knowledge sharing platforms have and why they’re important.

Here are the top five:

1. Interactivity 

Make sure that the platform is built for 2-way communication and that the information that’s being shared isn’t simply static. People want to comment, react, give feedback, and share their ideas otherwise they will feel like they’re simply being talked to. This is also a super important feature for encouraging engagement.

2. Personalization

Another important feature is how much the administrator can control and design or personalize the different access to people. The tool should be flexible and malleable to meet the changing needs of its end-users. For example, if all employees have the same access rights, it can be very difficult to control the user experience. 

3. Search Engine

A strong search engine within the tool goes a long way. The best SaaS platforms have a search functionality so users can quickly find what they’re looking for or see all posts relating to a specific topic. What can make the experience a bit frustrating is when you need something and you type it on the search engine and you have no relevant information coming up. 

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4. Integration 

It can be challenging to find a platform that integrates with all types of file formats. Maybe there’s a tool that’s awesome with plain text files but can’t process or store videos whatsoever. How helpful is that in the digital age where everything is shifting toward video? You deserve a solution that works well with video, text, images, slide decks, spreadsheets, and any other kind of file format that might be helpful.

5. Responsiveness

Speaking of the digital age, it’s critical that any platform you invest in and plan on working into your future success is accessible and responsive to different devices, specifically mobile. This goes back to the different needs of your end-user whether it’s a generational preference or someone who specifically needs mobile or desktop to do their jobs. This is important for staff adoption – if your solution’s not compatible, you’re going to frustrate your end-users!

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