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SALES VIDEO EMAIL? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

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Receiving cold email texts is very unpalatable. Most generic or text emails receive very low  to almost no responses. As per Harvard Business Review, 90% of B2B decision makers never respond to traditional cold outreach. But sales video email can be easy if it's done smartly.

Video Emails for Sales: Your Virtual Selling Tool

Over the years, the adoption of video emails for sales was not considered necessary. But, the frustration of getting little or no percentage of responses through text emails led to the seeking for other ways. Video email for sales is considered a virtual selling tool as it has helped a lot of clients get responses from their prospective buyers. You can make sales video emails if you want an increment in the degree of responses from your buyers.

10 tips to use Video for Sales Emails:

With the end of the year and quarter fast approaching, we carefully selected the following practices that our clients and ourselves use in every sales video email. We normally see more responses from the first week by: 

1. Create Sales Videos within Tools you Already Use

Irrespective of the sales video tools you are employing, recording the sales video falls solely on you. You should not take sales videos with levity as all aspects will be checked by prospective buyers—the choice of clothing matters just as the words you say matters too. Be brief but detailed in sharing whatever information you have for your prospective buyer because no one has the time to sit with a lengthy video that is not a movie.

2. Add Video Email in Gmail and Outlook

As said earlier, using video in email sales is considered more effective than sending emails made up of texts alone. To add your video email to your Gmail and Outlook accounts, ensure you have a high-quality camera. It will enhance the display of your image in the sales video in the email.

3. Add a CTA Link to Video

Adding a Call-to-action CTA link to your video emails for sales enables your prospective buyers to take immediate action towards reaching you by clicking on the links. You may do this during or immediately after the video is watched. The CTA link serves as a call to action.

4. Customize Video-Sharing Pages

Possessing your video-sharing pages will benefit you as you can refer your prospective buyers to them. Your customized pages will provide your prospective buyers with knowledge of the areas in which you sell and how your products or services could benefit them.

5. Send Personalized Video Emails at Scale

Sending video emails for sales just once to a prospective buyer may not yield an excellent result though, it is a good approach. Follow-up is essential in reaching out to prospective buyers because many people tend to forget about the emails they have received previously. 

6. Automatically Record Sales Meeting

It will be beneficial to you if you can trap every detail of your meeting in a recording. Automatically recording your sales meeting helps you to take note of all discussions in your meeting.

7. Track Prospect Engagement

Tracking your buyer's rate of engagements on your sales video will help you determine the quality of the video you sent. For instance, if your viewer viewed your video repeatedly, you could conclude that your prospective buyer may be interested in your services or products. It also applies when the total number of minutes spent watching your video is way more than the actual minutes of your sales video.

8. Quick, Painless Video Creation for Virtual Selling

The ease and benefits of using video in sales emails have made it override the usage of texts in emails. 

9. Send Sales Videos in Just a Few Clicks

One of the benefits of using video in sales emails is sending it in just a few clicks. The desire to save time (time consciousness) has made this method accepted worldwide.

10. Know Who is Watching Your Videos

Video emails for sales will make the tracking of the viewers of your viewers to be monitored. It will serve as an aid in tracking your progress in the process of reaching out to your prospective buyers.

Benefits of Video for Sales Emails

As stated above, using video emails for sales is of great benefit. The 21st century comprises more lovers of videos compared to the percentage of readers on the web. This is already a reality for sales with 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text (Forbes); this also stands for sales teams like yours, since employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text (Forrester).

Here are some of the benefits that you can experience with EasyMovie or when you have a Video for Sales Emails strategy in place:

  • Book more meetings with Video for Sales Emails

After you meet with your prospective buyer, there may be a suggestion by your buyer to schedule another meeting with you or to talk better with you. It will be advantageous to you if you can make your next appointment using sales video as it helps bridge the unfamiliarity gap between you. When your prospective buyer gets more familiar with you, doing business with you will be considered less risky or safer on his part.

EasyMovie's users normally see up to 4x more meetings booked all while the reply rates also see an increase of up to 3 times.

  • It's easier for prospects to watch a video than to wade through densely written information

In this century, due to the digitalization of almost everything around us like dishwashers, washing machines, etc. We have unconsciously developed the desire to make everything around us easy. These days, people have moved to reading audiobooks, playing bedtime stories on the television for kids instead of reading to them, and so on. Your prospective buyers and clients are not left out as they are part of this century. 

A lot of prospects find densely written information boring, tiring, and frustrating to read. This problem is the reason that sales videos emails have gain ground in communication. 

  • Putting a face to the name is more convincing than traditional cold calling with Video in Sales Emails

Traditional cold calling and stalking of prospective buyers and clients have been the norm in time past. It has left many prospects and clients pissed, and these emails have been a major turn-off. The rise in scammers these days is also a significant reason for the turn-off as most prospects ignore cold callings for security purposes these days. Video emails for sales have proved to be more convincing as the prospects can see and identify the sellers, and their security will seem less threatened.

 If you want to go for a more effective approach to attract your buyers, then using video in sales emails will be a great option. Getting your desired traffic for your page to promote product sales and render your services is achieved. Attracting and getting your prospective buyers and clients is also achieved.

  • Build an actual connexion with your prospects

Using video in sales emails helps you to build rapport and to create an actual connexion with your prospects since the first exchange. Video email for sales that enables the sight of the persons involved and includes personalized content like keywords, audio or even external videos related to your viewer creates a bond. To the prospect, there is the feeling of confidence based on the familiar ground that has been created. It is not only confidence but also a sense of security.

You could also get referred to other prospects to keep building your pipeline at once. In the end, it's harder to turn down someone when you DO give a hang about someone, isn't it?

  • Track How Can Video in Sales Boost Email Response Rates

Having a track record of how sales video emails boost response rates from prospective buyers and clients is greatly beneficial. The track record taken will help you note the striking differences between sending off cold emails for sales to prospects and sending video emails for sales. It is one thing to know that something is of great benefits, and it is another thing to understand its application. Without the application of the knowledge acquired, the knowledge will be a waste. 

What's next?

Don't just go around and create random Sales Video Emails.

Sync with your team and build a strategy together. If you need help, our sales video experts would be more than happy to suggest some proven workflows to include video in your outreach and seeing results from week one.

Gamify and make easier and light for your team to include video in their day-to-day activities. No change was ever implemented by forcing it upon someone.

Finally, be smart: Save time by standardizing your best-performing lines and assets. Put a face to the name and share collectively your wins, insights and victories so your videos get better by the day, one reply at a time.

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