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Sales Enablement strategy to boost productivity (Infographic)

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How to Leverage Sales Enablement Strategy To Boost Your Productivity?

Sales Enablement is the process of furnishing your sales teams with the must-have data, guidance, and training, to effectively engage customers. Analytics for sales enablement help the marketing and sales teams through data-driven insights. These insights are pivotal in optimizing business and increasing sales effectiveness.
Over 75% of companies, using sales enablement tools, confirmed a sales increase over twelve months. Moreover, 40% among those organizations reported  25% extra growth. 

As per Accenture and CSO survey, 75% of CSOs target a minimum of 5% annual revenue growth. 

To achieve this, there must be special attention on selling efficiency and effectiveness, both within the sales organization and across the enterprise.

This is how you can take advantage of an efficient sales enablement strategy

A good sales enablement system gives employees the requisite tools that they need to perform better.  Organizations with well-aligned sales and marketing strategies have 36% better customer retention rates.

Identify the right sales process
  • Companies that lead a predefined workflow are 33% more likely to be successful.
  • To enhance sales effectiveness, the sales manager must outline a proper sales process and then base the sales objectives upon those activities or goals.
Optimize your content

“Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” –Lee Odden 

  • Sales enablement tools help the sales reps create better-optimized content for your buyers in no time.
  • Good content builds the authority of your brand and adds value to it.
Give sales reps the proper training
  • Even fewer than 45% of companies maintain a proper sales training process. 
  • Almost 87% of content taught is consigned to oblivion in days.
  • Tools such as structured videos for sales enablement allow sales leaders to provide their teams with training materials.
  • It helps them disseminate goals and share selling tips that can be instantly accessed by reps at any given sales situation.
A Holistic Approach to Sales using Analytics
  • Bottlenecks in the sales pipeline can scramble productivity.
  • Advanced sales enablement resources such as dashboards, enable you to monitor your sales pipeline.
  • You can use analytical tools for trend-spotting to diagnose potential bottlenecks before they could inflict more damage.
Simplify Lead Qualification
  • Sales enablement helps companies generate 50% more high-quality leads, for two-thirds of the cost.
  • Thus, it's no wonder why SMBs opt for this strategy.
Arm your sales team with effective sales enablement strategies and see your company hike!
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Leverage your Sales Enablement and boost your Productivity


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