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How to Use Video Email to Take Your Sales Process to the Next Level?

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Why do you need video in emails for sales?

Despite being aware of the advantages, a lot of companies refrain from using video in their email marketing campaigns. But why? That is the question. 

  • The psychological barrier of fear of facing the camera
  • Not ready to take the risk of getting away from the old-school methods
  • Unaware of the concept of video prospecting tools, and it's positive impact

But, once you get over the psychological barrier and get familiar with the camera, you’ll be able to reap the advantages of using video in sales emails. Emails embedding a video have a 96% more click-through rate than those that do not include videos. 

Creating a great video with the help of an amazing sales enablement tool helps design appropriate content for the email message.

Different Types of Video Emails in Sales

A video can be used in a lot of ways with regard to email marketing. You can integrate videos in an email to provide data, information, news roundups, provide event follow-up, explain products, announce a new product, or offer a demo Or a tutorial. Videos fit in any email where you wish to increase opens and conversions, such as email blasts, nurture emails, newsletters, targeted emails, event invites, follow-ups, customer communications, triggered emails, etc. 

Video emails boost open and click-through rates—making them a perfect fit for your marketing emails. Let us look at how to integrate video in email, and pull the prospects into sales. 

  • Determine Video Length Based on Your Goals

One practice that marketers usually follow, but should strictly avoid is, incorporating a version of the video transcript into their email. Stop right here! 

Using the email content wisely matters a lot. Nobody likes to read long scripts in the mail. It is merely a waste of time. Use your email content to give a preview of what your video entails. The text contained in the email id only to persuade the leads to click on the video.

In the mail, you can include a way for the prospects to continue the conversation later with you. It can be a lead magnet the prospects can click on to connect with you. 

  • Subject Line Has To Be Captivating - Include ‘Video’ in the Subject Line

By just adding the word “Video” to your subject line you can raise the open rate by 19%. It brings to notice of the receiver that video content is included in the email. You can put it in the beginning or end of the subject line, enclosed in a bracket. Although a small trick, it might play a significant role in engaging the open and click-rates of your sales email. 

  • Place Your Video Below the Email Copy

Do not skip to give a proper introduction to your video. An email without any text will make the prospects feel suspicious about it. They may even consider it spam. The text should convey your core message clearly, just in case the video doesn’t play owing to technical issues Or restricted access. After the email copy, the video containing the purpose of the mail should follow. 

  • Enable Autoplay Keeping the Sound Off

Autoplay has become quite a feature of all video platforms these days. It works well for Email marketing as well. When the recipients click on the email thumbnail, they expect it to show a 5 seconds preview at least. Need to click again and again may end up the prospects getting frustrated. But do not forget to keep the sound off on autoplay. Nobody wants to open a mail which explodes your room with a sudden noise. 

  • Include Video Captions

Most videos contain captions these days. Why? It is because people in the office settings usually watch videos keeping the sound off. When at work, people usually don't have headphones on, and disrupting others around them doesn't seem appropriate. Including captions in the sales, the video allows viewers watching even on silent mode to get the message.

  • Use The Text In Your Email To Give a Gist of Your Video

An email should be concise. So, you should be particular about the text you put into your email body. Instead of putting the entire video script in the text, you should wisely use the text to give an effective and persuasive summary of what the video has to offer.

Highlight the main points covered in the video and hint them to “click on the video below”. It guides them straight to the video and conveys the content to them in a fun way. 

  • Use an Animated Thumbnail

Animated thumbnails attract a lot more clicks than images. A video platform makes it easier to put animated thumbnails on the video. In 2018, 57% of email marketers used GIF thumbnails in their sales videos.GIFs are quick and can be equally engaging. Cinemagraphs can be used too (a variant on a GIF) where a part of the image plays endlessly. For email marketing, it serves the same purpose. 

  • Add Call-to-Actions Towards the End of Your Emails

Once you have framed an engaging sales email that contains an entertaining and informative video to market your product/service, what step to follow next? How do you send your email to let it close more deals for you? 

Just after the video, include a persuasive call to action. The call to action should encourage the prospects to take the next step which could be either leading to another content, driving towards a landing page, explaining the next steps to take, or even asking the lead to book a meeting and more. 

Are You Using Videos in Emails?

No other medium conveys your message to your prospects like a video does. It acts as a carrier of brand awareness, customer education, and prospect engagement. So, what are you pondering over? Plan your sales video following the above tips and see the visible results! 

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