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Enhance Your Entire Sales Enablement Program with Video

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Companies having a proper sales enablement program have shown tremendous growth from 19% in 2013 to 59% in 2017, as per a survey by CSO Insights. It was also found that the sales enablement initiatives met most if not all of the expectations of the organizations using them.

What is Sales enablement?

The process of equipping the sales reps to close sales better using sales enablement tools, strategies, and resources. It comprises a collaboration between sales and marketing teams of your organization to create effective content. This content paves way for efficient and effective sales. Sales teams are the main beneficiaries of this program. Undeniably, marketing plays an indispensable role in implementing the sales enablement program. 

For example, if you help your sales reps improve their sales skill to close a deal or identify prospects, you’re doing nothing but sales enablement. 

The Importance Of Sales Enablement Program In Effective Sales

Sales enablement is important because a steady sales process leads to improved sales. It helps in pitching and retaining more customers and happier customers. Considering the fact that engaging new customers are six to seven times more burden on the pocket than retaining an existing one, sales enablement becomes the oxygen for the sales team. 

How Video Can Boost A Sales Enablement 

94% of marketers using a video strategy plans to continue it. A video can be a great tool for sales enablement that keeps your organization’s sales team up to date and ready to face all the challenges in the sales process. 

Using a video platform to strengthen your organization’s sales enablement processes can:

  • Better Sales Rep Training

    Video is the best mode for sharing essential information with the sales team and providing them training. It is reported that over 75% of employees prefer watching a training video to reading it on paper. Creating micro-lessons for the sales reps in the form of videos, helps them learn at their own pace, leading to better comprehension and more retention.

  • Reduced Training Costs

    The combination of onboarding and training new sales reps is an expensive affair. Besides other expenses, a huge sum is spent on the employee training to ensure a better training. Google reports, 65% of people take the aid of YouTube videos to dissolve a problem.

By recording training presentations in short videos, new onboards get to learn at their own pace while reducing much less the training expenses. 

  • Better Engagement

    Video helps bring engagement in presentations when communicating with a potential client. Supplementing a customized structured video to the sales pitch helps the sales reps in closing the deal and inducing more sales. 32% of businesses use video for accelerating sales.

Videos can also be incorporated with follow-up messages with appropriate Call to action (CTA) to improve your relations with the customers. 19% of businesses integrate video in their customer support messages. This can help in the retention of customers in the long run. 

  • More Content Control

    Video gives you more control over the content you want to share with your sales teams. The clickable options allow the audience to choose what they need to see. Furthermore, the landing pages for videos can provide them access to more training material.

  • Easy Access To Training Material

    Recorded videos allow the salesperson to access the training material from anywhere, anytime. These training videos lead to the professional learning and development of the employees. Moreover, new trainees can access the training video content any number of times to boost their knowledge and skills.

  • Improved Team Communication

    Sales are teamwork, sales managers must have the right tools to communicate with their teams as an effective sales enablement strategy. Video as a sales enablement resource works the best for collaboration and communication among team members. The sales teams can communicate through videos and take advantage of virtual or augmented reality. 

GIF 5 ways to use video for sales teams

Different Ways You Can Use Videos In Sales Enablement

Once you realize the importance of videos in the sales enablement process, the next thing that triggers the mind is how to integrate videos into a sales enablement strategy.

Let us look at some ways you can integrate videos to support the sales enablement process:

  • Go In-Depth With Content

    The first thing to do- create the content for the video. While preparing the content, the result should be kept in mind. List all the information, materials, graphs, and auditory content you want to put into the video, along with the time frame. Formulate a content strategy for creating an informative video that adds value to the knowledge of the one watching it. 

  • Record Everything Into Short Videos

    To make the training sessions engaging, you must keep certain factors in mind. The attention span of the audience becomes one such factor. It's always a good idea to create videos that provide the most relevant information in a short span of time. Short videos are more effective. 

  • Make You Video Attractive

    Try to make your video as appealing as you can. You can integrate graphs, charts, audio, animation, and a lot more into the videos. You must use the right editing software to record, trim and edit the videos in many ways. 

  • Encourage Employees To Use Video Communication

    To leverage the power of videos in a sales enablement strategy, you need to encourage your employees to use video as a medium of communication. This can be done by the use of collaborative tools in the video platform to drop a comment on live-streaming videos or watch with pre-recorded training.


Video is said to be the future of the sales process. But it is, in fact, the present of the sales enablement process. It helps boost the sales process and make it both efficient and effective.