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Why employee-generated video is the most important tool in your HR toolbox

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In the past year, we’ve jumped about a decade in technological adoption. With office employees trading desks and chairs for digital communication tools, the work landscape has completely transformed. And even as the world slowly returns to normal, it seems like remote work is here to stay. According to research by Growmotely, 61 percent of professionals want to continue working remotely after the pandemic. All this has led to a need for new virtual communication tools—one of the most significant of which is employee-generated video.

Video is quick and easy to consume, which is increasingly important in a remote landscape where employees are suffering from email overload. With a tool like EasyMovie, it’s also fast to produce. Employees can record bite-sized videos in minutes, empowering them to have a voice and share their knowledge with the entire team. As we move forward into a remote-first future, the most effective HR teams will be leveraging video to support their teams’ growth. 

Here’s how you can use video at every phase of your employee lifecycle:

1. Attract top talent

Video is one of the most powerful storytelling mediums. That’s a power you can take advantage of as you tell your company’s story. Using video job descriptions and company culture videos, you can make your job postings stand out. You can have the hiring manager introduce themself, give employees with similar titles the chance to share a day in their life, or conduct interviews with current employees on the team—just to give a few examples. With video, prospective employees will be able to truly picture themselves in the role and determine whether it’s a good fit.

Video examples:

- “Day in the life” videos

- Interviews with current employees

- Video job descriptions

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2. Get new hires up to speed, fast

Video can simplify and improve your onboarding process, enabling new employees to ramp up faster. With crowdsourced onboarding content created by their peers, new employees can quickly learn the ins and outs of their new role—and get to learn a little about their colleagues in the process. Welcome videos, introductions from senior leaders, department tours, and scenario role-plays can all help your new team members get up to speed and integrate into their new team.

Video examples:

- Welcome videos

- Intro videos from senior leadership

- Department tours of overviews

- Common scenario role play videos

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3. Create a culture of knowledge sharing


Employees own most of a company’s intel. But too often, it’s siloed—according to IDC, Fortune 500 companies lose $31.5 billion annually by failing to share knowledge. By building an internal, employee-generated video learning library, you can empower your team to share what they know, enabling them to solve problems faster and enhance their abilities. The results speak for themselves: Employee-generated video training helped one EasyMovie customer boost skill acquisition among their staff by 50 percent, saving them 30 minutes of company time for every video their employees watched.

Video examples:

- Deal retrospectives

- Best practices sharing

- How-to videos

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Best practices sharing

4. Improve retention and enhance employee mobility


Employees often leave companies because they’re unsure about their career progression. Maybe they don’t know how to move into a new role or just are unaware of the opportunities for advancement in their company. By encouraging more senior employees to share their experiences through video, you can help junior employees navigate their own career paths. Give them the chance to answer questions like: How did they prepare for a new role? What skills did they need to demonstrate? What ultimately made them successful? Recording these kinds of interviews provides opportunities for employees to be recognized for their success while inspiring others to take on new challenges. Both can help improve your overall employee retention.

Video examples:

- Employee profiles

- Internal mobility interviews

- Fireside chats

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Internal Mobility

Empower your employees at every phase

As we move forward into a remote-first future, we need communication tools that support this new way of working. Employee-generated video is the ideal solution at every stage of the employee lifecycle. It can help attract talent, onboard new hires, distribute internal knowledge, and retain employees.

When the employees take on new roles at other companies, you can feel secure knowing that their knowledge remains within your company. And as alumni engage with your video content on social media, they propagate it through their own networks—perhaps catching the attention of new prospective employees and causing the cycle to begin again.

With EasyMovie, it's easy to record video on the spot enabling the team to save time, enhance skill adoption, and track it all via the EasyMovie platform.