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Best Practices for Sales Prospecting Video

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What is Video Prospecting?

These days, many organizations are using video prospecting as a means to make their sales strategy more effective. Video prospecting is a new, relatively easy method of reaching out to clients. The technique involves the sales rep recording a short video and sending it to the prospect during different touch points and approaches when engaging with prospects. The video is usually sent via email, but it can be shared as text, via LinkedIn, or other social media platforms.

Plain old email texts are not as engaging as they used to be: Whereas standard email sees 0.12% of response rates, personalized email - including sales prospecting videos, go up to an astonishing 9% instead . delivering the same message, but presenting prospects with a face behind the message you engage more and better. Video prospecting allows you to stand out in the prospect's mailbox and to humanize the whole sales process.

A recorded video for video prospecting should last between 1 to 2 minutes. This way, you can be sure that the prospect will watch the video till the end. While the first seconds of it are crucial, remember visual elements such as your logo, intro animations, colors and graphic charters or background audio can be included too. This is the opening conversation with the prospect and, just as in real life, you have to prove your message and offer being relevant and direct to your target audience to make the most impact. Introduce yourself, keep it real but keep it interesting by being yourself through video.

The Stats Behind using Video in Sales Emails

Videos are more memorable and captivating. Using video prospecting tools helps you connect with your target audience quickly and better. It also establishes a good customer experience. If you still have doubts about including video prospecting tools, stats don't lie. Video email prospecting has proven successful in more ways than one, like:

  • Increased open rates: For every sales email that includes video, we can see 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates. There’s no better way to illustrate how video engagement makes an impact! - Pro tip: Work the term “video” in the subject line during the first touch points to make sure you catch the attention of your prospects.

  • Increased reply rates: With a face behind the message, it seems more like an in-person conversation. You can’t be too prepared; after all, 90% of B2B decision makers never respond to traditional cold outreach messages! 

  • Close more deals: Gong has it right. By including video content at any step of the sales process, there is 127% more probabilities to close the deal. That’s twice as likely!

Best practices for sales prospecting videos

It's not only about using the video prospecting tool. If you don't practice it the right way, then I'm sorry to tell you that the method won't prove effective. To enjoy the benefits of video prospecting, these are the best practices to keep in mind:

  • Keep Your Videos Short: Keep the videos short and exciting. Reps don’t need to sell their prospect on the entire pitch-just entice them enough to want to know more. Research shows that 60 seconds or less is the sweet spot for keeping recipients’ attention.

  • Study when to Use 1-1 Videos vs. Pre-Recorded Videos: Pre-recorded videos and 1-1 videos are essential. If there's enough time available, no urgency or time constraints, pre-recorded videos are the best. But in cases of time constraint or when the prospect is swamped with work and you need their attention right away, or maybe they're a high-value customer or don't know your brand, 1-1 videos are the best option. Build your story and include illimited external videos in specific frames to pace your storytelling.

  • Use Custom Video Thumbnails: Video thumbnails are a more creative way to illustrate your point in the video and captivate your audience's interest. GIF files or animations for your video link can boost your click-rates in no time.

  • Talk About the Prospect's Interest: You can answer possible questions that the prospect might ask and include the prospect's interest. Remember this is a video connection, not just a video exposee of your company.

  • Write a Great Subject Line: your subject line determines whether or not the prospect will open the message. Adding the word "video" to the subject line increases the rate at which prospects open messages by 19%. You can also add the recipient's name to the subject line. It gives the message a more personalized feeling and increases open rates. You can use something like; the video for George at the company, or George, here's a video for you.

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Some people “get” video right away. But many SDRs are creatures of habit—once they find a routine that works, they like to stick to it, so they may need some convincing to give video selling a try. Still, reps generally respond well to evidence and results. If you can show them that video works and will help them hit their quotas faster and with less effort, they’ll be eager to try it out. 

Broadly speaking, there are two different ways to ease your sales team into video:

  • Bottom-up: Select a few salespeople to try out video for a few weeks and see how it goes. Chances are, their results will be so impressive, their colleagues will be begging to start using video. Then, you can get the whole team on board. 
  • Top-down: Purchase a video platform and host mandatory training sessions. You can set usage goals or use competitions and other incentives to help drive adoption.

Either approach can work—it all comes down to what you think will motivate your team. Whatever you choose, we’ll share some tips in the next section to help your reps succeed with video.


Use the Right Video Prospecting Tool  

Prospecting is no easy work. That's why having the right tool at hand especially developed for sales outreach, can help make your several times more manageable. EasyMovie is developed by sales experts with multiple technological features but more importantly, the real understanding of what sales teams work and look like.

Track Sales Video Stats for Video Prospecting

Another advantage of the video prospecting tool is that it shows you the analysis of your video.

EasyMovie, for instance, allows you to customize your notifications so you can be notified of when your video has been viewed. It also provides analysis that shows how many times people watch your video, how long the prospect watched the video for, or if they interacted with any of them, without leaving your active browser. This allows you to prioritize your leads and place the most exciting prospects at the top of the list.

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Switch Up Sales Prospecting Techniques to Boost Conversions

Video prospecting isn't the only tool you can use to close more deals, but it certainly can get you off to a better start by accelerating your pipeline creation so you maximize your team’s efforts. 

If you want to try video prospecting to maximize your ongoing sales outreach, book a demo now and see what the EasyMovie software can do for you.