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Benefits of Sales Enablement Software (Infographic)

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Sales enablement involves arming your sales team with resources ranging from tools to technology in a strategic way to make them excel. According to Forbes, 59% of companies with strong sales enablement strategies exceeded revenue targets, and 72% of those outclassed them by 25% and up.

Some of the benefits of using sales enablement software are:

1. Increasing Sales Engagement and Retention

  • A good sales enablement system gives employees the requisite tools that they need to perform better.
  • This leads to more sales engagement and customer retention. 
  • Organizations with well-aligned sales and marketing strategies have 36% better customer retention rates.


2. Strong Sales Enablement Leading to Faster Deals
  • With better sales enablement resources, sales teams get easy access to the resources they need, and this cracks more deals. 
  • As per a study conducted by Aberdeen, sales reps spent up to 43 hours per month researching necessary information. 


3. Enabling Reps Build Skill to Deliver Phenomenal Service
  • Sales enablement software trains the sales reps through micro-learning modules and delivers sales tips that help reps master their skill. 
  • Videos for sales enablement provide a digital solution that reps can access anywhere, anytime. 


4. Developing Alignment with Marketing
  • Sales reps are better off when they provide prospects with the right information at the right time. 
  • Establishing a strong relationship between sales and marketing is a major facet of sales enablement.
  • Aligning sales and marketing leads to 38% higher sales pitch rates.


5. Building and Improving Company Reputation
  • A sales rep interacting with an outside party represents the company on its behalf.
  • The typical complaint among US sales teams is that 65% of reps are unable to find relevant content to present to their prospects.
  • A well-informed and trained salesperson puts a good impression of the company in front of outsiders, thus building the company's reputation. 

Sales enablement software enables organizations and their sales reps to keep pace with the business trends.

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