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5 Steps to accelerate sales efficiency with Video

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Tech stacks are usually complicated to understand, therefore to use. Client-facing teams have little to no time to keep up with the different technology incorporated to their day to day despite the best effort from sales enablement and managers.

Sales and business development representatives, sales enablement and sales operations managers, sales directors and VPs and even Chief Revenue Officers and General Directors can benefit from the augmented visibility and clarity that video can add to your workflows.

Here’s how video can - and has for many organizations, boost your sales enablement strategy, the adoption rates and overall efficiency. 

Rely on video for continuous Sales Training

Everyone knows shadowing and role plays for sales, but what if your top performers could share their secret sauce? Create your own video library for sales enablement and share your peer-to-peer knowledge. Some questions to respond in order to better seize the opportunity are:

  • How did you manage to get the prospect’s attention the first time?
  • What tips do you have for better identifying customers like this one?
  • Who was part of the engagement with this prospect and his organization?
  • How did you start building rapport with them? Phone calls, video calls, email, in person…
  • How did you stay ahead of challenges during the process?
  • What could you have done better next time?
  • Any lessons-learned, big DOs and DONTs you can draw out of this?

Remember, every prospect, every opportunity, every deal is a rollercoaster we can all learn something from.

Close the skill gap amongst your sales teams by leveraging the talent you already have and leave it for posterity with asynchronous video content.

Align your pitch and customize your sales outreach

No one likes to be spammed or cold-called. But we have all converted to a top-notch email or call, so, what makes the difference?

It’s all about targeting and quality. Video prospection shouldn’t be that much about volume but rather about personalization. Sales video emails increase open rates and click-through rates because content proves to be valuable from the first seconds, but in order to deliver the right video content at the right time, you need to align your sales pitch for your team and allow them to show their own voice while saying the same.

EasyMovie has a vast array of video templates exclusively created for sales to choose from. Pick one that suits your purpose, like a video introduction for the first touch or a follow-up video for an unengaged conversation. Perhaps you have needed to send a meeting recap but organizing the notes takes you longer than actually recording the video? 

If there’s no video template that suits your project, you can create your own or have a customer success manager adding those specific guidelines, timings and elements to your video so that it becomes available for anyone you decide, anytime you want.

That’s how video templates make sales enablement easier and video creation 5x faster: By automating the entire process without having to worry about when to create a video, what to say, how to say it, or where to post it.

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John-Hello from Denisse! Hello John from Alla @EasyMovie!

SDRs and BDRs can now work smarter, not harder

After years of focusing on volume tactics and metrics like automated mass emailing, finding the best times to send an email blast, growing a newsletter directory or having the flashiest email content upon open, the sales market is now focusing more and more on quality and personalization. And luckily, it’s all in the prospects’ sake.

Mass emailing is dead: Either non-performant at all, mistaken by spam or phishing the moment it hits someone’s inbox or even punished by privacy regulations. Cold calling is also tougher than ever with no hard definition between business hours and landlines. Social selling is full of impostor syndrome and all channels are becoming quickly saturated. It’s no wonder conversion rates are at their lowest across all platforms.

Sales and business development still thrive. When words don’t cut it, we have words, and audio, and images - video!

Differentiate and stand out from others starting at the subject line. Attach long videos to emails with a link that won’t be sent to spam. Give a sneak peek of your video with an engaging thumbnail that makes prospects just want to click on them. Work your message around your video so your story gets the change to be told from beginning to end.


If emails are not your charm, you can easily export your videos via social media, or texts, or messaging services like Slack. Be sure that your video will have a standalone page and its content will be stellar. No need to work on a landing page to frame your video!

Provide more visibility into the pipeline your team is building day to day

Your team works a lot. And hard. From SDRs and BDRs with great openers for long-lasting relationships to your account executives and representatives working hard on every single aspect of the negotiation. They do something right: selling. Why take time off from them to update system data then?

The average Salesforce opportunity contains no less than 50 default fields. Every stage and every phase of the opportunity requires updated information so the CRM and revenue intelligence platforms can deliver their ultimate benefit you need them to.

Asynchronous video can leverage all that information and tell a sound story with it. Anyone can easily publish the video into your CRM system using the drag and drop access and make a few changes to the system, like limiting access to the confidential video library. You should also add downloadable reference documents to the videos, like data sheets, presentations, or diagrams, so the team can easily access them.

Because AE's can follow a predefined structure that matches your sales process - whichever it may be, it takes a few minutes to go through all the key business elements to create a 2-minutes video. 

At the right time, with the right content, thousands of fields become snackable content following structured and personalized guidelines so that everyone can understand each opportunity in seconds and the handoff between different teams can go smoothly without unnecessary meetings and email exchanges, to name a few possible applications.

Sales enablement knows it best: When the right content is shared at the right time through the right channels, not only does the process go smoothly but efficiency is also boosted across the board.

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Your revenue and sales enablement team close the ROI loop

Now that your sales team is having as much time as possible to do what they do best, selling, and that your data and information are feeding your sales stack while also telling a simple story for humans with video, your standard reports and dashboards in your CRM can reveal the full story with automated videos.

Close the ROI loop by giving details on sales training adoption, how prospects and customers used sales, how they engaged with interactions, the rate of increase in adoptions of services and products enabled with video, and pipeline acceleration overall revenue contribution. 

Video analytics make it possible to see individual video metrics or overall video library performance from your sales engagement platform like Salesloft or Outreach, or well within your Salesforce. Notifications, automated emails or Slack messages are part of your video-tools to accelerate your processes.

With video, it’s all about process automation!