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4 Ways to Promote Information Sharing in Your Organization

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Hopefully, by now you’re totally bought into the idea of information sharing and you’re excited to see its impact on your organization. Now, how do you get the rest of your organization to buy in?

There are many ways to promote information sharing in your organization, and some are more effective than others. However, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorites that are tried and true.

1. Lead by Example

Like with many other initiatives, sometimes employees need to see that executives and managers are following a trend before they will take it seriously. So, when management are early ambassadors of information sharing and are producing outstanding recurring content, the rest of the company will take notice.

2. Keep it Recurring

How many of us have seen different new programs that are all the rage for a week or two and then fizzle out? Probably a lot, right? It happens all the time, especially in enterprise organizations.

So, recurring content is the name of the game here. When employees see that new content is being produced on a regular, consistent basis, they’ll know that this program is here to stay and start to buy into its importance.

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3. Promote Your Content

Don’t just send out your content once in an internal email blast and never reference it again! Repurpose it over and over again in training, seminars newsletter – possibly even as a lead generation magnet for external use.

4. Align Content with Business Objectives

Use information sharing as a platform that will help employees in their role – not just another HR initiative that they have to take time out of their day to pay attention to. Create a sense of continuity with the content and where the business is heading and people won’t be able to dismiss its value!

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