Automatic publishing, how does it works?

How does it work?

All you need to do is enter the address of your Youtube channel, Facebook, Linkedin or your host in the EasyMovie platform and as soon as a video is approved, the HD version is automatically published on your pages, in public or private mode, you choose! You save so much time and you ensure that the publication will be systematic.

Why use automatic publishing?

Have you already calculated the time spent by your teams to download, upload, publish videos? Depending on the volume of videos you create, it can be counted in dozens of hours, or even days... Some community managers end up doing little more than that. With automatic publishing, you and your teams will focus on what really brings value!

Why use Automatic publishing ?

How much does it cost?

By default, you can automatically publish to a platform of your choice. After that, you pay according to the number of platforms on which you wish to publish your videos automatically:

1 plateform : included

Up to 3 platforms : $1400 /year

Up to 5 platforms : $2000 /year

Specific platform : on request

Discover our other value-added options


Multilingual Transcription and Translation

Easily request subtitles directly on the EasyMovie platform. Our solution lets you get high quality transcripts and translations that are added to your video in record time.

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Premium music

Music made for digital use

Access a catalog of 30 titles and their variations (3, 6, 30, 60 seconds). Enjoy high quality music specifically designed for digital use and for all your business needs.

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Live chat

Instant access to the post-production team

Contact our post-production department via chat and get your answers instantly! Our project managers answer all your technical questions related to your current projects.

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Image rights waiver

Worry-free diffusion

Before interviewing your participants, have them sign an image rights waiver! It only takes a few seconds via the EasyMovie app and you can find each document in your secure area.

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Expedited production

​​Your videos ready in 6 or 24 hours

By default, our post production teams deliver the first version of your videos in 48 hours. With this option, have it in 6 or 24 hours! This makes it possible to prioritize some of your urgent projects.

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Interactive overlay

Make your videos interactive

It’s possible to make your videos interactive! Give your users the ability to access video content, images or documents

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