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The video solution to maximize your sales processes,teams,CRM,sales engagement platform

EasyMovie helps sales teams to increase performance with efficient information sharing through video right within your email, sales platform or CRM.


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Accelerate your sales efficiency


Gain visibility and comprehension on your pipeline

Build your video resource library right into Salesforce. Teams can upskill on their own time with async learning content while executives can gain critical visibility for better forecasting.

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Build more pipeline, drive more revenue

Book 4x more meetings by using video prospecting. Improve your open rate and drive more deals.

Add videos to your sales cadences and track your results with our integrations with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and more.

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Empower your whole team

Capture and share knowledge directly from the field. Have your top performers, closers, SMEs, and leaders share their best practices, tips, and tricks.

Ways to Use EasyMovie
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What makes EasyMovie different?


Use EasyMovie right from your existing workflows. EasyMovie integrates with the sales tools you rely on every day like Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and more. Top video prospecting software for top-performing sales teams.

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With EasyMovie’s built-in platform, you can create templates and storyboards with embedded questions, prompts, and guidelines, making it easy for salespeople to record polished prospecting and meeting follow-up videos using pre-approved scripts.

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EasyMovie ensures everyone can create personalized and on-brand sales videos by pre-embedding all graphic, visual, and branding elements. Plus, you can personalize each video with your prospect’s name and company logo so they know you made the video just for them..

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Over 300 organizations already trust EasyMovie

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Video is the missing element in your sales tech stack


of consumers prefer learning about products or services through video.


of AEs spend 3–10+ hours per week in their CRM.


of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.